PHM009 Sirius Eye



PHM009  Sirius Eye

+ Light source:7x300W Philips Halogen lamps.
+ Color temperature:1900K-3200K.
+ Each lamp can be controlled individual,linear digital dimmer for perfect dimmer system.
+ Variable strobe effect,strong exposure effect.
+ Control mode:sound activity,auto-run,master-slave,DMX control.
+ DMX channel:1CH/6CH/7CH-Pixel.
+ DMX connector:3-pin or 5-pin XLR.
+ Color LCD display.
+ Installation:tripod stand / hang on / put on the base.
+ Shape:hexagonal.
+ Reflector color:golden/silver(selected).
+ Shell color:black.

Voltage:220VAC 50/60Hz.
Light source:7x300W Philips Halogen lamps.
Power consumption:2100W.
DMX channel:1CH/6CH/7CH-Pixel.

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