PHJ018 3000W Fog Machine



PHJ018 3000W Fog Machine

+ Its plug-in controller can set timed spraying freely. For a long-distance control, just spin out the controller and insert 4-core wire to turn it into a controller. And the wire can be as long as 100 meters. For a remote control,you can choose the D-4 remote kits(optional).
+ Its heating system applies the mirror patent technology (mirror piping),which makes its pipe never jammed.
+ With the microcomputer electronic temperature control system, it can preserve temperature, after finishing the first heating, it can spray smokes at any time.
+ You can set the smoke timing and rationing with its own controller.
+ It supports the standard DMX512 signal control.

Voltage:110V/220V 50/60Hz.
Re-heating time:11 Min.
Smoke output: 40000Cuft/min.
Capacity of oil tank: 9.0L.
N.W.:12.0kgs G.W:14.0 kgs.
Packaging size:76.5*39*30cm.

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