PHE022 650mW RGY Laser


PHE022  650mW RGY Laser

+ Adopt 20Kpps high speed scanner module.
+ showing two or more gobos at the same time.two kinds of pictures emitted at the same time,X、Y controls to rotating,zooming,moving function,etc.drawing and color adjustable,design may be done as per user's requirement.
+ with red,green and yellow laser to combine colorful drawing and words effect.
+ any gobos,words and mixture gobos can be built-in.
+ preset 64-256 gobos to show thousands of patterns.
+ channel:10 DMX512 standard channels.

Technology parameter:
Voltage:AC110V/220V  50/60Hz.
Laser power:500mW/650mW.
Laser color:red,green and yellow.
Control mode:
DMX channel:12 channels.


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