PHM019 ellipsoidal lighting(15°-30°)




PHM019 ellipsoidal lighting(15-30 degree)

+ Excellent light output and super light evenness. Gobo and shutter produce a very clear image.
+ Superior quality die-cast aluminum housing,and applied convection radiation.
+ Precise optical system and high-performance optical lens to increase the illumination.
+ The reflector uses the advanced dielectric coating to filter the infrared ray,greatly reduce the light body temperature and increase the lamp service life.
+ The good stainless cutting optical lens will not leak light.Lamp can be changed freely without tools.

Voltage:AC110-220V 60/50Hz.
Lamp-house:750W halogen lamp.
Lamp socket:G9.5.
Color temperature:3200K.
Angle type:15-30 degree.
Packing Size:820*300*300mm.

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