PHE030 1000mW Animation Laser


PHE030 1000mW Blue Animation Laser

+ Preset any gobos,words and mixed gobos in memory.
+ Preset 64-256 gobos.
+ Adopt 15Kpps high speed scanner module.
+ Showing two or more gobos at the same time.Two kinds pictures emitted at the same time,XYZ controls to rotating,zooming,moving function,etc.Drawing and color adjustable,design may be done as user's requirement.
+ International ILDA connector workable,including Pangolin LD2000,etc with control.function.

Technical specifications:
Voltage:AC110-240V 50/60Hz.
Power Consumption:40W.
Operating Temperature
Range: 10-40 celsius degree.
Cool System:fan.
Laser power:B445-1000mW.
Laser color:Blue.
Beam Angle:30 degree.
Protocol: USITT DMX-512/ILDA.
Control mode:ILDA control/DMX512/Music/Automatic/
DMX channel:10CH.
Size: 36*27*18cm.

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