PHJ031 Mini Super Hazer


    DMX Channels
   CH1  adjust smoke volume
   CH2  adjust wind volume

 PHJ031 Mini Super Hazer

+ This is a haze machine which applies to pub to hang it up or put it on the stage.with small size,it is easy to carry.with multifunction,easily adjustable spray angle makes perfect smoke effects.
+ Oil-free protection function.

+ Symmetrical haze effects.
+ No burnt flavour.
+ Low noise and environment protection.
+ Professional leakproof bottle,easy to carry,and no leakage when transport.
+ Low oil consumption.
+ Compact size,use conveniently.

Technology parameter:
Voltage:120V/220V 60/50HZ
Fuse:230V/5A  110V/10A
First heat up time:1.5min
Control mode:manual control,DMX-512 signal control.
Tank capacity:2.5L
Packing size:370*340*350mm


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