PHE034 500mW RGB Cartoon Laser


 PHE034 500mW RGB Cartoon Laser

+ We develop a new scanner technology with outstanding performance and good quality.Its scanning speed can up to 10-15kpps.
+ With well designed shape,fashionable and beautiful.We use high quality materialls. 
+ There are 4 sets cartoons,128 patterns built-in with a new arrangement.Mix the classical and contemporary images to give you a fresh feeling!

Technology parameter:
Voltage:AC90-240V  50/60Hz
Power consumption:30W
Operating temperature:10-40 celsius degree in door.
Cool system:Fan.
Laser power:400mW/500mW.
Laser color:RGB.
Beam angle:30 degree.
Control mode:Music/DMX512/
Function setting:DIP
DMX512 channel:12ch


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