PHD031 1024CH Lighting Control Software



PHD031 1024CH Lighting Control Software
+ The lighting control software is designed for users preferring to use a computer rather than conventional lighting console for show and exhibition.It is extremely quick,easy and logical to learn,and creates a perfact visualization of all types of lighting fixtures and all parameters of intelligent lights.The end result is a sophisticated 3D visualization of the show, including realtime beam, gobo and iris simulations.
+ The PC-based software includes a large fixture library.
+ Control up to 1024 channels.
+ The lighting control software enable a show to be created on computer and run directly from a PC using a USB interface - a hardware tool supplied with the software.
+ The software contains the multimedia extension EASY SHOW, allowing users to add multimedia music and image files (e.g. WAV, MP3, CD, AVI, MPEG, etc.) into their onscreen show.
+ Easy operation.
+ Clear operation surface.

Necessary demands of the software in offline working mode:
Voltage:9V-12V DC.
Current:300mA mininum.
Packing size:24.5*18*7cm.

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