PHM023 Zoom PAR Light(25-43 degree)

 PHM023 Zoom PAR Light (25-43 degree)

+ Light body utilizes superior quality aluminum outer casting,excellent heat dissipation. Beam angle range from 25o to 43o adjustable.

+ Reflection system uses the precise ion plating film reflection bowl and the precise aspherical plano convex lens. The temperature of brightness is 40% lower compare with the familiar power ordinary lamp, longer the lamp life.

+ It has duplex gear at the back of the lamp to adjust the lamp's position in the reflector, turn the Forward Backward Adjusting knob, moving the ring in the desired direction to get better effect.

Socket: G9.5.
Max.surface temperature:<200oC.
Max.ambient temperature:<40oC. interval:0.4m.
Min.throw distance:1.5m.
Packing size:25*24*40cm.

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