PHK007 Combined Bubble/Haze Machine

PHK007 Combined Bubble and Haze Machine 

+ A combined bubble and haze machine with a 400W haze heating block and a powerful fan driving haze, bubbles or both through a single wide aperture.
+ Avoids the need to carry 2 separate machines for bubble and haze effects and the addition of mixed bubble and haze gives an "orb" effect of haze filled bubbles which release a miniature cloud of fog when popped.
+ Wired timer remote for hazer.
+ RF remote control for bubble wheel.
+ Drain tap for bubble fluid.
+ Perfect for parties and seasonal events.

Voltage:AC110-120V/220-240V 50/60Hz.
Power Consumption:450W.
Tank Capacity:2.5L(haze liquid).
Haze output (approx.):6000 Cu ft/min.
Warm up time:4 to 5 minutes (approx).
Control Method:manual control/wireless remote control.

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